A Breakdown of Gemstone Demand in 2020

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While gemstones stole the show with their soaring demand in the 2010s, it seems like that was just a warm-up.

With demand already increasing dramatically in 2020, gemstone distributors are expected to reap the benefits by witnessing doubling—and even tripling—profits. And whether these stunning jewels are being purchased by jewellers, collectors, or avid enthusiasts, they’re ultimately being actively circulated in the market.

Curious to know what’s fueling this demand and consequent supply? Read on for four of the most popular gemstone use cases that continue to make people invest in them year after year.

1. Soaring Demand for Gemstone Jewellery

According to a report released by Future Market Insights (FMI), nearly 85% of all gemstones are sold as jewellery and ornaments—most of which are rings.

Coloured gems have been everyone’s ultimate go-to for engagement rings, everyday staples, runway accessories, and exotic pieces for glamorous nights out.

Compared to other jewels on the market, gemstones are versatile and boast a contemporary look that still manages to appear timeless in the best way.

With many different options—rubies, emeralds and sapphires being the most popular—gems make for visually dynamic accessories that take any look from drab to dazzling.

Their beauty, vivid hues, and reflective properties have allowed them to earn a spot in everyone’s jewellery box or safe, thereby propelling their demand.

2. A Focus on Gemstones’ Healing Properties

In recent years, there’s been an increase in awareness around spiritual healing. While this trend was previously popular among traditionalists who were strongly connected to their faith, it’s now broadened to encompass millennials.

Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires have become three of the most popular healing stones. Their protective, astrological, and healing properties range from energy protection, the provision of mental clarity, and spiritual cleansing, among others.

Whether these stones are in their raw form or crafted into healing rings, necklaces, and accessories, they ultimately benefit millions of people around the globe, thereby maintaining their soaring demand.  

3. Gemstone Accessories and Tools

Gemstone Accessories and Tools

While not as popular as gemstone jewellery and healing stones, these quirky accessories and tools still fuel a substantial portion of the demand for gemstones. Ranging from aesthetic facial rollers for de-puffing to massaging tools, these soothing gems are used for a wide range of purposes.

In 2020, the market for gemstone tools and accessories is expected to expand even more, which will further increase demand.

4. Rare and Unique Gems

Collectors and enthusiasts comprise a large sector of the gemstone audience. Equipped with extensive knowledge of gemstone history, properties, chemical composition, and origin, they’re always on the lookout for rare pieces with unique cuts, hues, saturation, and blends.

With high purchasing power and a sharp eye for authentic pieces, collectors and enthusiasts invest in expensive gemstones that are highly sought-after.

They may participate in auctions or order valuable pieces online by contacting wholesale distributors. Ultimately, they contribute to a lot of the revenue and profits earned by gemstone sellers and distributors.

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