Quality and Protection Guaranteed

Our strict quality regulation system ensures each piece is thoroughly examined and approved. This meticulous process protects you from purchasing low-quality gems.

Contrary to other platforms that charge large sums for distributor sign-ups, it only costs $40 to become an official distributor and receive your kit.

Our revolutionary 2 X 3 Matrix Compensation Plan ensures protection, authenticity and growth for your business.      

Why Should I Become a Gemstone Distributor?

Gemstones are one of the smartest contemporary investments because of their increasing popularity and demand. Sought after by jewelers, collectors and enthusiasts, these gems are widely appreciated all over the world for their aesthetic and healing power.

We offer the most stunning gemstones—emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

Their demand ensures they are actively being circulated in the market. However, low-quality stones that aren’t taken care of properly mostly end up creating a small profit margin for distributors.

By partnering with our unique and lucrative program and becoming a wholesale distributor, you can guarantee to receive only the best quality that will yield higher commissions, larger profit margins, and growth & sustainability for your business.

Learn more about our program and sign up now!

Ready to get started? Become a distributor now and join the gemstone business with safety and success. We welcome you on board!