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Lush green emeralds are one of the most valued and coveted gemstones. With potent healing powers and intense, vivid saturation, these gems are the perfect addition to delicate jewelry or protective bands.

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The most important influence on an Emerald’s value is its color. The highest priced emeralds are those with intense, vivid color saturation in hues of green to bluish green. Emerald value is also based in tone – lightness and darkness. Even if it has high saturation, an emerald’s value is lowered if it is too dark. Emeralds of equal weight but different color saturations, do not cost the same. Emeralds are pleochroic, meaning they display different colors in different directions. The colors can be so similar that you usually need special equipment to tell one color from another. A fine emerald is rare, and often demands a higher price than a diamond with equal clarity.


Emeralds ought to be maneuvered carefully. While picking settings for your emeralds, think about how you will be wearing or utilizing your diamonds since emeralds are less extreme than some different stones (around 7-8 on the Mohs hardness scale). It is normal to exchange information that most regular emeralds are dealt with. Most emeralds are treated with oil, opticon, or other polymer sap to improve their clear lucidity. Warm, sudsy water is good for cleaning.