Gem Cash International is a home-based business opportunity that is so unique from all others in the industry because it gives you a way to earn money by selling Gem Stones and participating in our revolutionary 2×3 MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN.


You have an opportunity with Gem Cash International to become a wholesale distributor in the Gem Stone business. It costs $40 to become a wholesale distributor and that gets you a distributor kit. Simply signing the distributor application form and when received at our world headquarters confirms your distributorship with the company.

As a wholesale distributor, your objective is to SELL $5000 worth of emeralds. It may sound difficult to do but actually we have made it very easy for you. You simply put a $1000 deposit and get a PURCHASE ORDER DEPOSIT RECEIPT CERTIFICATE.

At any time within 6 months you complete the back of the Certificate, add the balance of $800 plus tax and collect your Gem Cash value pack worth $5000. You can choose one $5000 product, 2 $2500 products or 10 $500 products or any combination of Gem Cash products that add up to $5000. As a wholesale distributor, you pay $1800 for $5000 worth of gemstones. But for now, all you need to do is put the $1000 deposit and get your own PURCHASE ORDER DEPOSIT RECEIPT and choose your Emerald Position on the Gem Stone Board.


Our REVOLUTIONARY 2 X 3 MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN is the first of its kind with software features to help you earn commissions faster than the traditional 2 x 3 Matrix System. It works on the principle called: THE POWER OF 2 It signifies a system where you make 2 sales and that qualifies you to advance to the Diamond position and teach your distributors to do the same which qualifies them to dvance to the Diamond position.

To illustrate how this works, pay attention to the Gem Stone Board.

You will notice at the top of the Gem Stone Board is a Diamond Distributor, followed by 2 Ruby Distributors, and 4 Sapphire Distributors. At the side of these Distributors are 8 Emerald positions that will get filled when Emerald sales are made by the Active Distributors already on the Gem Stone Board.

All new sales are placed on the Emerald positions and your immediate goal should be to make 2 sales as fast as you can, which will qualify you to advance to the Diamond position when all 8 Emerald positions are filled and activated.

When your Gem Stone Board is FULL with 8 Emerald positions activated, you can advance from Emerald position directly to the Diamond position if you are one of two Distributors on your Board who made 2 sales BEFORE other distributors on your Board.

As sales are made, the Diamond distributor receives $1000 dollars for each Emerald sale and when all 8 Emerald positions are filled, the Diamond receives a total of $8000 dollars. On the GEM STONE BOARD you will earn $6,000 dollars in commissions. The Diamond distributor is responsible to submit $2000 Admin Fees to the Head Office after completing the Gem Stone Board.

The Diamond distributor can choose to purchase more Emeralds and re-enter another Gem Stone Board by either following their sponsor OR choose to enter on either side of the Gem Stone Board that just split OR other Gem Stone Boards recommended by the company in order to help other distributors attain the Diamond position. Each time the Diamond distributor completes the Gem Stone Board, commissions of $6000 are earned.


As you and other distributors on your Board make sales, the Emerald positions will continue to fill and when all 8 Emerald positions are occupied and activated, you advance from Emerald to Sapphire. When the Board fills again, you advance from Sapphire to Ruby. When the Board fills again, you advance from Ruby to Diamond ONLY if you have made 2 sales and if not, you remain on Ruby until you have made 2 sales. Eventually, you will advance to Diamond receiving $6000 dollars in commissions on the Gem Stone Board.

And the best part is, each time you complete the Board as a Diamond, the system automatically re-enters you back onto the Gem Stone Board where you can earn $6000 dollars over and over and over again. Many other 2 by 3 matrix systems have failed in the past primarily because members would enroll other members who were non-active or just joined to purchase the product itself. By having these non-active distributors in the system actually weakens the matrix system, making it very difficult for others to earn commissions.


The proper rules must be implemented to remove non-active distributors who have not made a sale within a specified period of time and replace them with active distributors. This enables the system to work effectively, making all qualified distributors with 2 sales to continue earning commissions more easily. Our software system will automatically remove non-active distributors who have not made a sale within a time period of 30 days. These distributors are placed on “Stand-By” and only return to a Gem Cash Board after they’ve made their next sale. HOW ARE NON ACTIVE DISTRIBUTORS REPLACED WITH ACTIVE DISTRIBUTORS? Once non-active distributors are removed from RUBY or SAPPHIRE positions, these distributors are replaced with active distributors in more ways than one. The First Method non active distributors are replaced with active distributors is when other distributors who are on stand-by make their next sale. The non active distributors are re-entered on a Gem Cash Board, in either a Ruby or a Sapphire position, whichever is available at the time, along with their new sale, whom occupies an Emerald position on the same Gem Cash Board.

The Fourth Method non active distributors are replaced with active distributors is from the distributors sponsored directly by the company. From time to time, the company will engage in email marketing campaigns. As distributorships are sold through these campaigns, the new distributors are used to help replace non active distributors. As you can see, our REVOLUTIONARY 2 X 3 MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN is very powerful. With the implementation of the Follow Me Feature, the Stand-By Feature, the 4 methods of replacing in-active distributors and the Flow-Through System from The Gem Stone Board to the Super Gem Stone Board, our software features help ensure your success with Gem Cash International.